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After buying technology to produce door sealing for refrigerators and freezers we started producing our PVC sealing system. The flexible magnetic strip embedded in the seal ensures hermetic sealing of the door.

When developing and implementing a comprehensive customer solutions, our project team seeks an appropriate balance of innovation, efficiency and maximum simplicity. That's why we decided to use a magnetic strip extruder for producing the next group of products, our magnet:
Magnetic strip used in sealing systems as well as everyday life (sensors, bars, sheets, fridge magnets, etc.).
Magnetic strip with double-sized adhesive tape can be stuck on any object, then moved to a magnetic surface.
Magnetic frame for labels (C-section) serves for fast and very easy labelling of stores and racks.

Following the successful introduction and use of magnetic products on the market, SOVEX - BC is expanding its portfolio with a new product, sealing from expanded TPE. Extrusion of this type of microporous seal fuses the three materials with an extrusion tool. This technological innovation allows you to combine polymers with different characteristics in a target synergy that multiplies benefits and solutions. Sections gain detailed integration and ease of use and high quality. Microporous seals are an excellent alternative to using EPDM seals.